Fred Leighton

For every connoisseur of beauty, there is a jewel. But for those seeking something unique, a pedigree piece, a design of audacious style, there is only one source: Fred Leighton, curator of the most coveted vintage jewelry. Whether you want to buy or sell a rare piece from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro or contemporary eras, Fred Leighton has been a trusted authority for more than 40 years.

Fred Leighton brings history and its most colorful characters to life. The spirits of the Jane Austin heroine, the Fitzgerald flapper and the Golden Age actress transcend the boundaries of time and place. Diamonds from Cartier and Tiffany sparkle alongside originals by Suzanne Belperron and David Webb. From intricate gold designs of the 1700s to bold, sculptural pieces of the 1970s, Fred Leighton’s collection inspires you to wear jewelry in a way that is surprisingly modern

Today, rare vintage jewels grace Hollywood stars and live next to masterpieces of art in the world’s private collections – but it wasn’t always so. Until the 1970s, period pieces were unappreciated and often taken apart for their stones, which were re-set in new designs. Mr. Fred Leighton put an end to this shortsighted practice, elevating the appeal of vintage jewelry and making it desirable.

Fred Leighton

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